About Us

Ealoor Group of Companies is a prominent name in the field of International Healthcare Recruitment and Education. With over 20 years of expertise in the field, we have now become the forefront in assisting NHS, private hospitals, private nursing homes and other private healthcare organizations in the UK for their staffing solutions. We also provide professional consulting to our employers to run the international recruitment process on profitability. Placing over 6000 healthcare professionals, we are the “go-to” provider for any international nurse looking for an opportunity in the UK.

We are one of the leading UK nursing recruitment agencies in India. Having multiple offices across the world, combined with a competent and committed team, has helped us to be one of the top recruitment consultants in the UK. A track record of our consistent success is evidenced by our increased number of associations with the NHS and other healthcare sectors through the years, adding to the numerous memberships and awards. Start your successful future with top UK recruitment agency in Kerala. We help individuals learn languages, emigrate abroad, recruit for selected professions, and help with migration. Let us know what services you are looking for. Ealoor has won:

UK Recruitment Agency in Kerala
Awarded Supplier 2019-2023, International Recruitment of Clinical Healthcare Professionals
British Council Approved Agent
Best International Recruitment Award, 2019 for Outstanding professionalism and trustworthiness in the recruitment of healthcare professionals to the UK.
REC Membership
In 2002, Ealoor Consultancy UK Ltd, started with a motto of “Changing lives”, assisting the international students and healthcare professionals to find opportunities in the UK, is now an international name, Ealoor Group of Companies, with multiple offices across the world and widespread services in the following:
Nursing Jobs UK


  • Started the first-ever private OSCE training for nurses
  • Training conducted for NHS Hospitals
  • Over 100 batch of training completed
  • Batch and one to one session conducted every month
  • 99% pass rate for all our students


  • Over 2500 questions and answers available
  • 5 days of completely free training trial
  • Mock tests available
  • Most widely used among international nurses


  • Revalidation Assistance
  • Overseas NMC Registration Assistance

In the field of International Education division, Ealoor Study Abroad has already marked its invaluable place by placing over 1000 students to different Universities across the UK. With partnership over 18 Universities in the UK, we stand as one of the British Council approved agents.


Strictly adhering to the NHS code of conduct, we take immense pride in providing highly skilled and qualified healthcare professionals to our clients. We recruit for the following positions:

Registered General Nurses
Mental Health Nurses
Paediatrics Nurses
Community Nurses
Health Visitors
Allied Health Professionals
Emergency Nurse Practitioners