Meet Mathew James, the visionary founder and CEO of Ealoor Group of Companies. In 2002, Mathew embarked on a mission in his hometown of Kerala, India, initially assisting a few young nurses in securing opportunities in the UK. What began as a voluntary effort quickly evolved into a widespread service, prompting the establishment of the first office in Kottayam in 2003.

Venturing to the UK in the same year, Mathew’s vision to empower individuals to achieve their dreams is encapsulated in the company’s motto, ‘Changing Lives.’ Fast forward 21 years under Mathew’s adept leadership, and Ealoor Group has emerged as one of the premier agencies for overseas student and nurse recruitment in the UK. With branch offices in the UK, Dubai, and Kerala, the company has facilitated over 7,000 healthcare professionals and 5,000 international students in realizing their bright futures in the UK.

Ealoor Group, a British Council certified agency, represents over 20 UK universities and serves as an English UK partner agency. Mathew’s influence extends beyond recruitment, as he advises universities on tailoring niche courses to meet the needs of the international student market. His brainchild, the BSc Adult Nursing program for international nurses leading to NMC registration, has become a sought-after course across universities in England and Wales, benefiting both students and the healthcare systems.

An innovator in competence testing, Mathew pioneered OSCE and CBT training courses, achieving a remarkable 99% pass rate. His strategic achievements include winning the CPP Framework for International Nurses Recruitment and OSCE Training for 2019-2023 and 2023, along with recognition as the Most Trusted International Recruitment Agent by UUKMA in 2020.

In addition, Ealoor Group was a finalist for the HSJ Partnership Awards Staffing Solution of the Year 2022. In response to industry needs, the company established Opshore Talent Solutions, its recruitment process outsourcing wing, in Kerala in 2020.

Currently servicing over 35 NHS Trusts and 20 universities, Mathew’s future focus is on expanding both nurses and students recruitment. He has assembled a formidable team capable of delivering timely, specialized recruitment solutions for challenging projects. Mathew’s mission is to positively impact lives by aligning individuals with jobs that complement their skills and the company’s vision. Recognizing the pivotal role of job satisfaction, he emphasizes the importance of content and happy staff, believing that such individuals contribute significantly to an organization’s growth. At Ealoor, the vision is not just about jobs; it’s about fostering long-term commitments and creating fulfilling career paths for candidates.